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Insulated Patio Covers


INSULATED patio covers help deaden sound from wind and rain. It is structurally stronger than most covers by the virtue of it being thicker than conventional patio covers. The 3 to 4 inch thick Insulated patio covers can house electrical wiring inside it through extruded aluminum framework. The frames are designed to hang fans, lighting, etc. These strong frames allow you to get creative with skylights too! The insulated patio cover enables you to match d├ęcor thru colors, trim and wood tone. They come with many choices of supporting columns that range from a 2x3 aluminum post, steel posts or decorative roman columns with many styles to choose from.

PATIO COVERS HAVE EVOLVED in durability and design from what was available just a few short years ago. From the rigid and rusty memories of yesterday, we now offer the most durable covers made out of space age technology. Our design and engineering experience helps you make informed decisions which brings years of enjoyment into your home and lifestyle.

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  • The Alpha Sunrooms Line
  • The Omega Sunrooms Line
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